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South Dakota Travel Guide. Tips From the Experts

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South Dakota travel guide is going to be needed if you plan to visit this beautiful state in the Midwestern U.S. South Dakota is known for its Mount Rushmore probably. It is also known as “the state of Mount Rushmore”.

Yes, the gigantic sculpture of four famous US presidents is indeed becoming the main attractions of the state. However, South Dakota is not all about Mount Rushmore.

There are more interests that you can get in South Dakota. Below is the South Dakota travel guide to help you out.

1. Best Time to Visit South Dakota

If you cannot handle the heat, do not visit South Dakota in July and August. The weather of the area during July and August can be extremely hot.

You can see plenty of attractions during that period of time. However, you may give up and go home because of the heat. So, the best time to visit South Dakota is probably in September.

In September, the weather is warm and the summer vacation is over. So, all kids go back to school and South Dakota becomes less crowded.

It will provide you with better accommodations. Any South Dakota travel guide will suggest you visit the state in September.

2. Places to Visit

You cannot just visit South Dakota without visiting Mount Rushmore. This is the spot where you can see the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln sculpted into the majestic mount.

You can admire the beauty as well as learning historical facts up there. You can also visit Badlands National Park. It is the home of the layered rock formation which is so beautiful and it is where you can find exotic animals such as bison for sure.

If you want to show your kids about the animal, visit the Reptile Gardens. It is an animal park with plenty of animal collections, including various reptiles and birds.

3. Travel Tips

South Dakota is quite strict about the speeding law. So, if you do not want to be pulled over because of speeding, please obey the maximum speed limit in South Dakota.

The maximum speed limit is 80 mph (129 kph) on the highway. In urban areas such as Sioux Falls and Rapid City, the maximum speed limit is even slower (55 to 70 mph (88 to 113 kph). One of the best advice in any South Dakota travel guide will be: obey the speeding law.

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