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Several Tips to Getting Cheap Travel to Japan

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Japan has another reputation as one of the expensive cost countries in the world. When you spend your traveling in a hotel, eating in a restaurant, go traveling in some places, you may spend the costs more than $200 USD in each day. This is a big amount to spend off. However, there are some tips that make you worth cheap travel to Japan.

This is all depends on yourself. Actually, you can use the cheaper accommodation and transportation to save your money. But, how is to get it?

1 Always consider your transportation.

Always consider your transportation.
Cheap travel to japan using Japan Rail

Transportation is one of the expensive aspects of traveling to Japan. You can go by bullet train which very fast, comfort and expensive, your personal ticket will spend hundred dollars.

For the other alternatives, you can use the Japan Rail (JR) for your transportations. JR cost is cheaper and offer you in some cities in Japan so you also able to use it for an intra-city.

You should take a note that purchase pass ticket is cheaper that use the personal ticket.  When you considering to get the Metro Bus, you may spend around 100-200 Yen for one trip.

The bus also becomes an alternative transportation and less expensive than bullet train in Japan. You probably do not know that Bus will spend more times.

Your times are expensive for traveling because you have limited time to travel in Japan. Flying is the last choice for you. There are several plane providers in Japan route.

Generally, the price is almost similar to the bullet train.

So, the best alternative is using Japan Rail (JR) with the pass tickets for your cheap travel to Japan.

This is the efficiencies way for you to maximize your traveling time and see further about Japan. If you have much time, you can take a bus and save extra money as well.

Why use the Japan Rail (JR)?

As we mention before that Japan Rail is cheaper and fast, there are other benefits that you can take from Japan Rail:

  1. A Pass ticket for JR can be used in some row days in a certain timeframe. This means that your pass ticket can be used for 7 days then after that, your ticket will no longer invalid.
  2. The route is flexible.
  3. Cheaper for buying the train ticket to as you go.
  4. Your JR will be more efficient for your trip then make your cheap travel to Japan.
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