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Science and Animals Field Trip Ideas Bay Area

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If you are looking for a field trip ideas bay area, you are reading the right article. Today we will share field trips ideas related to science and animals that your kids going to love it.

These field trip ideas are not only fun but also educated so they will have something to tell when they got home.

1 Science field trip ideas

Technical innovation has been a long history of the Bay Area. There are many excellent field trips ideas of science and technology to be done with your lovely kids.

Happy Bright Kids

In this place, your kids can learn about engineering, science, math and also technology. They will learn by watching funny puppets presentations. The staffs have been using puppets to teach children.

It is such a creative way to make children learn and laugh at the same time. They will get useful information related to science and technology.

Dinosaurs Rock

This is an interactive museum for children to learn about dinosaurs rock, oceans rock, and gems rock. This one of the field trip ideas bay area also has educational and fun shows.

In here, you can see and even touch genuine and life-size fossils, sea-life specimens and minerals. As souvenirs, they can take genuine minerals, seashells, and fossils which are from simulated gemstone mining, excavations, and digs to their home.

Fujitsu Planetarium

This planetarium opens daily for schools and group who want to have field trips in here. Everyone from any age can enter this place! If your children want to learn about planets, clusters, stars, galaxies and more, this place is definitely worth to visit.

2 Zoo field trip ideas

Oakland Zoo

Oakland zoo has a lot of spaces for animals. Bring your children here to enjoy many kinds of animals around the word with useful information for each animal. It also has fun rides that require you to pay for it.

Happy Hollow

This is more than a zoo. It has many interesting animals with their habitat areas. It also has a carousel and a steam train. Sometimes, this zoo has special family events including sleepover, camping and family bike.

It is such one of the wonderful field trip ideas bay area.

Kennedy Park

This is one of the best petting zoos. In here, you can spoil your kids by letting them riding a train ride and a merry-go-round.

That’s our recommended field trip ideas bay area for you and your family. To save more money, you can bring your own food and drinks for your kids along the way. So you don’t need to buy them again since it will be quite expensive.
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