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PRE K Field Trip Ideas: Educational and Fun Field Trips

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If we could turn back the time during our pre-k year, we would ask for more field trips to our teachers. Field trips were unforgettable moments that we spent with our teachers and friends. If you are parents or schools staffs of pre-k schools, you should consider having a fun but educational pre k field trip ideas.

During the field trip, kids do not need paper and pencil. They don’t have to sit for hours to listen to the teacher or doing worksheets. They will move their body as they wander around the place and let their free spirit.

The good field trip

Letting children having fun on a field trip, doesn’t mean they will not learn anything from it. There are many pre k field trip ideas that have various kinds of aims.

Sometimes many schools use field trips to close the period of the study or just for kicking a unit study off.

But in fact, field trips can be used to spark the students’ interest in many kinds of topics, studies or fields of work.

Students can also get inspired by the field trips they had to make a new invention, to explore their creativity and even to make them sure what they want to become in the future.

4 wonderful places to held fun and educational pre-k field trips

One of the good places for pre k field trip ideas is a post office. Having a field trip in a post office can show the students how the postal workers send the postcards.

Sometimes they tell the children to bring their own postcards with complete address. So, in the next few days, they will receive their own dress again.

Bring the students to the local daily newspaper. In here, they can learn how the process of printing newspaper. They will be excited to see the huge rolls of paper.

Most students look up to heroes. Among the others, firefighters become many children’ favorite.

Why don’t you take them to the fire department? The students can be fully aware how to protect themselves if there is fire happening in their house, how the firefighters put out the fire and see the life of firefighters.

In here they will be amazed at the gears that firefighters wear.

Who doesn’t love farm animals? This can be a-must-visit-place for field trips. The students can be close to a farm live.

You can ask for their opinions whether they want to go to a dairy farm or a farm that grows common crops like wheat and corn.

You need to check the right time to visit the farm, so the students can learn the process from the planting time, harvesting and making the harvest into food or drinks.

There is much fun yet educational pre k field trip ideas. You will not run out of ideas if you involve the students or your children for something that they would like to visit and to learn the most.

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