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Trip Insurance: Is Trip Insurance a Good Idea?

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Many people who travel a lot sometimes are wondering this question: is trip insurance a good idea? Today’s article will help you to give a perspective about trip insurance.

We will give you reasons why you should or shouldn’t buy trip insurance. In the end, it’s you who can decide the necessity of trip insurance.

Is trip insurance a good idea?

Before you decide what to do about travel insurance, let’s check these following facts about it.

1. Your credit card already covered it

Those who don’t purchase trip insurance are because their credit card already covered for it. Some articles break down the detail of what kind of services included in most credit cards including World MasterCard, Visa Signature, Discover Escape and American Express.

Before you purchase any trip insurance, make sure you know what service of your credit card. Maybe you didn’t realize that actually you already purchased trip insurance that is covered by your credit card.

2. Your insurance policy already covered it

Many people have different insurance policy. There is insurance policy which protects life, auto, homeowner and health insurance.

If you have one, check the coverage of your insurance policies so you will find out whether trip insurance is necessary for you or not.

You should check the specifics of your insurance policies thoroughly to know if it’s worth covering your travel or trip so you can answer yourself is trip insurance a good idea.

3. Medical travel insurance for international area

If you have health insurance, but it doesn’t cover you wherever you are (outside the region of your insurance policy), then you should buy is travel insurance policy but for a medical-only.

But even though your health insurance covers your health abroad, make sure it pays for the emergency situation. That’s why it is also important to check the specifics of your insurance before you go outside the country.

4. Worried about your bags

To answer is trip insurance a good idea or not, recheck what actually worried you the most. If you are a type of person who always worried with your belonging, then don’t purchase trip insurance.

Trip insurance isn’t exclusively handling for small losses like lost bags or stolen luggage. Even though many travelers are common to have this kind of feeling, but it doesn’t worth the price of trip insurance which is not cheap.

Some airlines in many countries actually will give you compensation for any damaged or lost bags in certain terms and condition.

The conclusion for you

So, after you read those facts what comes through your mind? Can you find the answer of is trip insurance a good idea?

If you only worried about small things and the facts you already have so many kinds of insurance policies, so it will be wiser to cross trip insurance from your plan.


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