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Knowing Cost: Tips in Having Cheap Travel London to Paris

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Cheap travel London to Paris is one thing that has been dreamed by so many people. Sadly, in order to be a success in doing that, you have to know the cost of all the things in Paris.

Cost of Things in Paris

In doing a successful cheap travel London to Paris, you have to know how much things in Paris will cost you.

Truly, you have to make research about it, first, before going to Paris. It is an important knowledge, so you can predict how much money that you need to bring if you want to enjoy you trip to Paris.

If you haven’t done any research, don’t be worried. Here is some list of prices of things that you may need when you are in Paris. Hopefully, it will help you, in the end.

  • Pair of trainers from well-known brand: £76
  • Pair of jeans: £72
  • One-way ticket using local transportation: £1.71
  • Taxi waiting fee for one hour: £29
  • One mile journey using taxi: £1.65
  • One liter petrol: £1.17
  • Coke/Pepsi in a restaurant (0.33 liter): £2.77
  • Small bottle of water in a restaurant (0.33 liter): £1.71
  • Cheap meal in a restaurant: £11
  • Loaf of white bread in the market: £1.18

Cost of Apartment in Paris

Of course, you have to remember that you also have to manage a place where you would sleep when you take a trip to Paris.

Doing that, you have to know that it is important to match it with your budget. If you don’t have enough budget, then it would be better to have a place to live without any luxury.

It is the cheap travel London to Paris, folk! As long as you can sleep peacefully, it is enough.

In order to get the best price of the place that you will use to live in Paris, you have to consider how many people who would live there.

If you bring your family, then it would be good to find an apartment who offers more than one bedroom. Not only that, you also have to consider the location of your chosen apartment.

The price of an apartment in the city center and outside the city center is different, so choose well. Here is a bit information of apartment cost in Paris that you may use as your consideration.

  • For three bedroom flat in city center: £2,048
  • For three bedroom flat located outside of city center: £1,429
  • For one bedroom flat in city center: £933
  • For one bedroom flat located outside of city center: £675

Hopefully, all information can help you to make real your dream cheap travel London to Paris!

Here some tips to get affordable price travel London to Paris.

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RT from 54



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RT from 60



2 stops

RT from 88

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