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Fun U.S. Road Trip Ideas with the Best Scenery

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The United States has attracted many tourists around the world. It inspires many people U.S. road trip ideas. You don’t need to go far to have a road trip that has a beautiful view in this country.

This article will help you to show several favorite highways in the States. There are several factors that make these highways great.

Factor that makes highways worth to go

  • Fun to drive
  • Amazing natural features
  • Historic buildings
  • Historic houses
  • Beautiful foliage and seasonal
  • Breathtaking mountains
  • Views of the water

3 Top highways for U.S. road trip ideas

1. Florida Keys

The Florida Keys via www.travelandleisure.com

To find the most amazing view in the Florida Keys is the Seven Mile Bridge. The Florida Keys is 150-mile from Miami to Key West.

The Ocean Highway and Everglades are the series of keys of Florida Keys. You can see the beautiful Gulf of Mexico on your right and the Atlantic on your left along the way.

2. Highway 61

US route 61. Image credit: www.aaroads.com

This highway is also called as US Route 61. It connects the city of Wyoming in Minnesota and New Orléans. It stretches 1,400 from south to north. Many people also called this highway as Blues Highway.

The reason is of the famous musical culture in this region and Great Migration of African-Americans in 1910 and 1970 from Mississippi Delta to St Louis and Chicago.

Rumor has it, Robert Johnson, who was one of the great blues guitarists, met the devil at the crossroads. These crossroads are the highway of 49 and of course, this highway 61.

3. Route 66

This is probably the most famous highway that ends in California. The name is Route 66 which is created in 1926.

u.s. road trip ideas route 66
One of the best U.S. Road Trip Ideas, Route 66 via www.ourcommunitynow.com

This was one of the very first numbered highways in the United States. A long time ago, highways were recognized by bands colors which were on telegraph poles. They were usually maintained by private sectors or private individuals.

Actually, Route 66 stretches around 2,451 miles from Santa Monica to Chicago. But unfortunately, it lost several miles sections to private grass and drives, state roads and local roads. The rest sections stay open.

One of the most familiar sections is from Kingman to Petrified via Flagstaff and Winslow. If you have a plan to have U.S. road trip ideas, you can check its official website to measure the distance and to find out what section is viable and open.

These highways are probably will be the best U.S. road trip ideas that you’ll ever have. Bon, voyage!


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