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How to Find Cheap Travel from London to Paris

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Cheap travel from London to Paris is probably the thing that has been searched for by so many people. In order to do that, it is not easy.

There are so many things that has to be done to make sure that your trip is not making you lose much money.

1 Find the Best Prices

Find the Best Prices
How to find cheap travel from London to Paris? Here some tips.

When you want to have a cheap travel from London to Paris, then know about this. It is important to find the best travel prices.

For example, finding your preferred departure airport would help you to save some money. Having a departure from London directly would cost you £61 pp. Not only that, you also need about 53 minutes for that flight.

But, if you go from London to other cities in Great Britain, first, you may cut the cost. Below is the list of the cost that you have to pay in different local departures to Paris, which is lower than London.

If you find the price that matches your budget, you can just go from London to the city that you choose, then flew to Paris from there.

  • From Manchester: £45 pp
  • From Glasgow: £51 pp
  • From Liverpool: £44 pp
  • From Edinburgh: £49 pp
  • From Bradford: £57 pp
  • From Bristol: £50 pp
  • From Leeds: £55 pp
  • From Doncaster: £57 pp
  • From Sheffield: £57 pp
  • From Southend: £43 pp

Later, after you found your city of departure, you can also match the budget it with the city where you will arrive.

There are three airports in Paris which can become your arrival place. They are Orly (ORY) airport, Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport and Gare du Nord (XPG) airport.

In order to have a cheap travel from London to Paris, choose the arrival place which will cost you less.

Hints and Tips in Paris

After you’ve arrived in Paris, there are hints and tips and you must know. For example, taxis are truly expensive, there.

For that, it is recommended for you to take a bus from the airport where you arrived to reach the city that you want to be. Buses are cheaper, truly.

Other than that, you have to know that children in Paris are classified only from 3 up to 11 years old. So, if your children are over 11 years old, then be careful to be charged as a full adult when you are visiting Orly or Disneyland Paris.

Happy planning your cheap travel from London to Paris.

Additional Reference: Londontoolkit.com

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