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4 Inspiring Make a Wish Trip Ideas for Your Kids

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Today’s article will reveal four inspiring Make a Wish trip ideas from kids around the world that suffer various kinds of disease. Besides you can inspire to have your own trips with your children, you can also help these kids to grant their wish as well.

The following trip ideas from Make a Wish are divided based on the age to make you easier what kind of trip that will be fun to do with your lovely kids.

Trip ideas for 13-year-old above

1. Going to France

This wish comes from Alexandra who has Rett syndrome. She is a 13-year-old girl. She wants to have an unforgettable adventure in France. Starting from tasting the unique cuisine, feel the culture and atmosphere.

For her, it will be such a wonderful gift. You can be inspired by her wish too about going to France with your kids. They can relax calmly in the coast of Nice or run around the park near the most iconic landmark, Eiffel Tower.

4 inspiring make a wish trip ideas alexandra

This country will be such good Make a Wish trip ideas for any kids to have full and wonderful European vibes and cultures.

2. Going to New York City

This wish comes from a 14-year-old girl who suffers from Leukemia. Her name is Angelina. She is inspired from the window’s airplane when she came across New York above the air.

It’s a huge land with many skyscrapers. In New York, you can give your kids Broadway experience. Strolling around many buildings with beautiful and sparkling city lights is also a great idea.

They can try nice chic pieces from famous designers. In New York, there are many fun attractions including Radio City Music Hall.

Trip ideas for small kids

3. Surfing in Hawaii

Ryan, a 6-year-old boy who suffers from Leukemia greets you with “Aloha”! He wants to go to the second famous worldwide destination. Hawaii. This is a perfect place for kids to seek and to have a new adventure.

It also has a rich history, culture and sea life. Your kids will learn how to surf with a professional guide. Surfing in the blue water of the Hawaiian beaches will be unforgettable moments for you to capture.

4. Enjoying Walt Disney

This is probably the sweetest as one of Make a Wish trip ideas comes from Kamaole. She is a 7 year-old-girl who suffers from immunodeficiency disorder.

It is such a magical place to meet the legend Disney characters including Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald! She wants a treatment for a carefree experience while she can ride many fun attractions.

Those Make a Wish trip ideas may inspire you to ask your kids to have a wonderful holiday. Which idea do your children like?


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